Gary Smalley

Brenda David - Scratch

Mike Shackelford - self-titled

Crawfish of Love - Septober/Octember

Lauren Fincham - Show & Tell

Troy Lukkarila - Don't Sit on Tables

Free Range - Release

Jennifer Chase - Kid Jail

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OUR VERY OWN LAUREN FINCHAM will be a featured performer at the North American Folk Alliance convention in San Diego February 27. We're prouder than proud!


NICOL AUGUSTINE: Matchbox Twenty Essential Bruce Springsteen Barenaked Ladies

SCOTT CARPENTER: 1. Mofro's Blackwater 2. I've been replaying classic Steely Dan alot at home and Rush most often in the car. 3. As far as new music, I think Jet's new CD rocks!!!!

NANCY COHAN: I have listened to a lot of music this year but right now, in my CD player I have Boney James,a little taste of jazz David Demordaunt,a progresive rock artist from California- and Brahms Quartet No. 1, Op. 51, this old classical guy from Germany.

GARY DAAB: My faves are 1. Liz Phair's 2003 eponymous CD and 2. Smash Mouth's "Get the Picture," which Jen actually bought. We both like 3. Cold Play "Live 2003."

BRENDA DAVID: To my surprise, one of my favorites was an oldie goldie, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. Still to this day one of my favorites. Two other favorites.... Gary Smalley's CD (God it makes me smile and cry at the same time) and we listened a bunch to the (cassette) that Richard has of the Blind Date thing that you did several years back. Love it!

ERIC DIETZ: 1. A Perfect Circle - Thirteen 2. Audioslave 3. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

STEPHANY DURHAM: 1.David Crowder Band- Can You Hear Us? 2.Mercy Me- Spoken For 3. Ten Shekel Shirt - Much 4. Bebo Norman - Myself When I Am Real

LAUREN FINCHAM: These artists took me over the most this year. 1. Johnny Darrell 2. Neko Case 3. BR549 4. The Blind Boys of Alabama 5. Ester Phillips

ADAM HARTMANN: 1.Chevelle 2. Disturbed 3. Queens of the Stone Age

CLAIR HARTMANN: Iris Dement - My Life
Baaba Maal - Missing You
Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytails

ERICA HAYES: 1. Bonnaroo--the live concert tapes. Bought in Dec. 2002 and It FINALLY came out of my travel/car CD collection in October :) 2. Sound Tribe Sector 9--Jam band rhythms, with an electronica vibe. Totally Chill. Originally from the Atl/Athens are, but mainly play out west. Website: 3. Liz Phair--I've always been a fan and many of her fans were unhappy that she was going "pop", but she's still saying "fuck" in all her songs so I think the album's ok.

BILL KING : 1. Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, recording around 1968 I think, around the time Dylan appeared on Cash's TV show. Great
stuff. Especially "Threw It All Away" by Dylan and "That's Alright Mama" with Carl Perkins on lead guitar. 2. The Offspring 3. Kelly Osbourne

MIKE KOZLOWSKI: 1. Stereophonics - Maybe Tommorow 2. The Roots - The Seed (2.0) 3. Joe Strummer - Redemption Song yeah, I know, a cover, but its damn good!

JOE LAMARCO: 1. Tom Petty- The Last DJ
2. Sam Bush and David Grisman- Sam & Dave, Hold on We're Strummin'

TROY LUKKARILA: This year I mostly listened to the late Raymond Scott- the man who inadvertently composed some of the best cartoon music ever! Just ask Bugs Bunny.

IAN MAIRS: I don't buy music. Like potato chips, I can't just eat one so I skip the whole thing. My other half devours CD's. Some new favorites include the Dave Mathews solo effort, Annie Lenox latest and Coldplay. Does this ring any bells?

CHRIS MCFALL: 1.Tim Easton - Don't Break Your Mothers Heart 2.Richard Fontaine - Post & Wire 3.Drive-By-Truckers - Decloration Day

TRACEY MOORE: 1. Southern Culture on the Skids - Liquored Up and Lacquered Down. 2. Crowded House - Woodface. 3. Elastica - Elastica.

ROY PEAK: This year I discovered older music that I somehow missed out on the first time around such as the early nineties band That Dog, the Willie Nelson classic Redheaded Stranger, the wonderful Neko Case and the bizarrely captivating and haunting Jandek. New schtuff this year that got my attention was Lucinda Williams's World Without Tears, Carla Bozulich's own version of Willie's Redheaded Stranger, and the band Eisley.

WILL PEARSALL: I really plugged into little Derek Trucks this year. And also pulled up some oldies from the apple store..Joe Walsh, Little Feat, Ry Cooder... I guess a bit of a slide guitar theme. Also went back through a bunch of Warren Zevon stuff.

FABRICE POINTEAU: 1. Holly Golightly (Truly she is none other, 2003) 2. Where the Girls are # 5 - a decade of columbia femme pop

DAVID ROBERTS: 1. Al Greeen....."I Can't Stop"
Steve Winwood....."About Time"
Dan Fogelberg....."Full Circle"

RICHARD ROGGINGER: NPR. Except during pledge drives or the many times they're not on the air. Then I'll plug in the iPod and put on some Tom Waits ("Blood Money", "Alice") or any Velvet Underground.

LISA ROWAN: In 2003, I probably listened most often to Clannad and Dead Can Dance.

STEVE SHANHOLTZER : My picks are: 1. The Telluride sessions-Strength in Numbers W/ Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Edgar Myer, Bela Fleck & Co 2. Word of Mouth-Jaco's Big Band Revisited W/ Victor Wooten, Victor Bailey, Marcus Miller and every other great bass player in the world.

JoE SILVA: My collection was vastly improved last year by the addition of the 1) Kill Bill Soundtrack 2) Groove Armada's Love Box 3) Goodbye, Babylon (pre-war gospel
collection avail at

CRAIG SPIRKO: 1. Love-Forever Changes. Haven't listened to this in years, kept playing it month after month. Amazing. I didn't realize it 10 years ago, but this is what I wanted Simplicity to be. 2. Elvis Presley-How Great Thou Art. Elvis' gospel music is often overlooked, especially by the impious such as myself. Once you let it in the door, this is simply stunning. America's greatest rock 'n' roll singer creates his only concept album and does for gospel what he does with all of popular music: meld the disparate strains and avenues of American music into the intertwined whole it always was. The true Melting Pot, and lots of soul. The stand-up bass player is amazing, too. 3. The Band-Rock of Ages. One of the best live rock 'n' roll albums ever. Panoramic. Hi-point: Levon's vocal on "Don't Do It".

CAROL STATELLA: 1) Sixpence None the Richer, "Divine Discontent" 2) Arvo Part (umlaut over the a in Part...can't find it!)," Te Deum"

BILL THAMES: 1. The Allman Brothers Band, "Hittin' the Note." Their best work since Eat A Peach...probably because Betts is no longer stirring up trouble in the band.
2. "Luvplanet" the self titled release by guitarist Mark McGee (Gregg Allman and Friends), Nicole Sutton, and Katie Schuch. Amazing harmonies and incredible searing guitar. 3. Herbie Mann "Push Push." Re-released with Duane's guitar brought up in the original mix. Classic soul and astonishing early Duane Allman guitar work. Wow, I just realized that I select my music today, in much the same way I did in the late 60's and early 70's...anyone who worked with the Allmans deserves a listen.

DWAYNE WALKER: 1.'I'm Only Happy When It Rains' 2. Short of that, I visited the past with endless repeats from Handell's Messiah: 'Thou Shalt Break Them' last, but not least: 3. The theme from 'CANDY' (which includes 'Child of the Universe', by The Byrds). I play the last 10 minutes of my CANDY DVD over and over, endlessly, possibly excessive. May need help! Why isn't that movie a cult hit by now? In case you don't feel like subjecting yourself to that movie, just listen to the Byrd's
'Child of the Universe' (but you'll miss out on the surrealistic ending, which is really the only good part of the movie). The Byrds sound better in the movie than they do on the original album.


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Craig Spirko "SEX: 12 Music Vignettes
Gary Smalley "Dancin"
Mike Shackelford self-titled debut
Brenda David "Scratch"
Crawfish of Love "Septober/Octember"
Lauren Fincham "Show & Tell"
Free Range "Release"
Jennifer Chase "Kid Jail"
Jennifer Chase "Famadihana"
Will Pearsall and Steve Shanholtzer
Troy Lukkarila "Everyday is Garbage Day"
Troy Lukkarila "Don't Sit on Tables"
Al Wells "Songs from Club Doublewide"
Morgan White "A Heart that Sings" 
The Woody Brothers


SEX: 12 Music Vignettes

Lauren Fincham - Burning Tree

Al Wells - Songs from Club Doublewide

Will Pearsall and Steve Shanholtzer

Troy Lukkarila - Everyday is Garbage Day

Morgan White - A Heart that Sings

Jennifer Chase - Famadihana

The Woody Brothers

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