Gary Smalley

Brenda David - Scratch

Mike Shackelford - self-titled

Crawfish of Love - Septober/Octember

Lauren Fincham - Show & Tell

Troy Lukkarila - Don't Sit on Tables

Free Range - Release

Jennifer Chase - Kid Jail

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SEX: 12 Music Vignettes

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Vocals: Deborah Beers, Tracey Moore, Stu May,
Brenda David, Kimberly Kirkland,
Jennifer Chase
Various Instruments: Craig Spirko
Cello: Nancy Cohan
Additional Drums: Sean Jones
Photography: Craig Spirko
CD Design: Clair Hartmann/Indiegraphic

The Artists/CDs:

Craig Spirko "SEX: 12 Music Vignettes
Gary Smalley "Dancin"
Mike Shackelford self-titled debut
Brenda David "Scratch"
Crawfish of Love "Septober/Octember"
Lauren Fincham "Burning Tree"
Lauren Fincham "Show & Tell"
Free Range "Release"
Jennifer Chase "Kid Jail"
Jennifer Chase "Famadihana"
Will Pearsall and Steve Shanholtzer
Troy Lukkarila "Everyday is Garbage Day"
Troy Lukkarila "Don't Sit on Tables"
Al Wells "Songs from Club Doublewide"
Morgan White "A Heart that Sings" 
The Woody Brothers

SEX: 12 Music Vignettes

Lauren Fincham - Burning Tree

Al Wells - Songs from Club Doublewide

Will Pearsall and Steve Shanholtzer

Troy Lukkarila - Everyday is Garbage Day

Morgan White - A Heart that Sings

Jennifer Chase - Famadihana

The Woody Brothers

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Twelfth House Records
Craig Spirko, Producer
P.O. Box 7954
Jacksonville FL 32238

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